virus: Re: lesson 8

David Rosdeitcher (
22 Feb 97 23:48:32 EST

Steven A. wrote:

>David. I have no idea why you even think I was responding to anything
>you wrote.

>I was talking to Pape and Peter about the word virus and how it does not
>apply only only "negative" or "agressive" memes. My post (recapped) is
>about the viral nature of all ideas, that ideally, once recognizing them
>for what they are (dinky little viruses) you can exert conscious control
>over them, eliminating the ones that impede you. (One would hope that
>they are racism, homophobia, jealousy...) But if your particular career
>path is with the Louisiana State Police-- you may need those memes.

>In short, don't look for patterns where none exist.

Steve--Good point! -David