virus: Re: Rationality

David Rosdeitcher (
23 Feb 97 11:09:55 EST

Drakir wrote:
>Memes are little snippets of information, etc, which we use as an operating
>base for the way we act and react, right? Well, I was thinking (whirr-click):
>Is ones rationale, and Logic a meme? Can one be infected by rationality,
>or does rationality control the memesphere (or vice versa)? Is rationality
>built in, or is it learned?

Drakir--An excellent question! The fact that we are having this discussion,
implies that we have fundamentally accepted that rationality controls the
memesphere. If memes controlled our rationality, there would be no point in
further discussion, since we could not rationally discuss anything. The notion
that our rationality controls our memesphere is what is accepted axiomatically
as a given. It does not require proof or explanation. This does not mean that
there are not levels of memetic structures in our consciousness that we are not
aware of. We can figure them out rationally. In my opinion, we have a built in
ability to be rational, but how well it is used, must be learned.
The idea that 'our ability to think rationally' is only a meme can be used to
put people in a submissive controllable state. When people accept ideas that
memes are like a higher power or that our thoughts are either controlled by
memes or arise through the interaction of memes, they become susceptible to
control by others, since it is generally accepted that thoughts and actions are
not one's own, just a consequence of memes. Memetics can then be used to start a
religion or cult.