Re: virus: Re: Rationality

Tim Rhodes (
Sun, 23 Feb 1997 13:50:17 -0800 (PST)

On 23 Feb 1997, David Rosdeitcher wrote:

> Drakir--An excellent question! The fact that we are having this discussion,
> implies that we have fundamentally accepted that rationality controls the
> memesphere.

Does it? Please elaborate.

> If memes controlled our rationality, there would be no point in
> further discussion, since we could not rationally discuss anything.

Look at the last week's posts and tell me we've all been in a "rational"

> The notion
> that our rationality controls our memesphere is what is accepted axiomatically
> as a given. It does not require proof or explanation.

Only to you, David. Only to you.

> In my opinion, we have a built in
> ability to be rational, but how well it is used, must be learned.

And our ability to be irrational? Built in as well, I'd muster. What say
you to the how and the /why/?

> The idea that 'our ability to think rationally' is only a meme can be
> used to put people in a submissive controllable state. When people
> accept ideas that memes are like a higher power or that our thoughts are
> either controlled by memes or arise through the interaction of memes,
> they become susceptible to control by others, since it is generally
> accepted that thoughts and actions are not one's own, just a consequence
> of memes.

All true and well said, if we assume "our thoughts are controlled by
memes". I am controlled by the laws of Physics, but that is not to say I
am at it's mercy. I am limited by it and yet, by understanding it, I can
weld that knowledge to great advantage. Getting a handle on the
"understanding" part is the key to determining whether or you are a master
or a slave.

Prof. Tim