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Alexander Williams (
Mon, 24 Feb 1997 08:52:03 -0500 wrote:
> > Memes are not /just/ little packets of information; think of your
> > memesphere as a `primal soup' of memes, some of which have greater
> > complexity than others, some of which are active enough that they
> > `reach out' of the primal soup and affect the world beyond (your
> > head).
> Is this the transmission and replication of memes, or are you talking about how
> they affect your actions?

Considering my Heretical stance on memes not being able to be
transmitted, it was more a visual metaphor for memes and meme-complexi
that `reach out' via causing the meta-organism (you) to change the
environment that surrounds it, causing new memes to arise via
observational input and changing the primal soup, the memesphere,

> So if we model memes as atoms then they build molecules, which build
> cells which build creatures? Does this necessarily mean, though, that
> rationality, which is more a system of coherent thought, than a
> packet or sytem of information can be classed as a meme?

Certainly; if we can hold the /idea/ of "rationality" then it is a meme
or meme-complex, and as such, both constructed by and a constructor of
other memes and complexi. Now, whether "rationality" has an objective
existance or is merely a `discrimination meme' (to reference earlier
discussion) is up for debate. My personal take is that "rationality"
has no existance save for our internal model; the physics of the
universe have no concern for "rationality" as far as our perceptions are

> Surely rationality is a method of interpreting memes than the actual
> memes themselves.

With what do you interpret memes if not with other memes?

[`If you work on your mind with your mind, how do you avoid an immense
confusion?' Obviously the old Zen Masters weren't familliar with
emergent systems theory.]

> I must point out that at the moment I'm more inclined towards the idea
> that rationality and logic are /not/ memes, but I wouldn't be asking
> if I were at all sure :)

How can you think about something that has to representaion in your

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