virus: Manipulation 101

Reed Konsler (
Mon, 24 Feb 1997 18:16:37 -0500

>From: Tadeusz Niwinski <>
>Date: Sat, 22 Feb 1997 15:00:18 -0800
>Subject: Re: virus: Manipulation 101

>Thank you. I understand Reed too. I agree, he does not take it as a
>friendly approach to interaction. But honest? What's dishonest about it?

1) You do not understand me. Your previous posts make this obvious.
2) You are confusing hostility with honesty.

>Of course, I am not referring to Reed (even if he argues that I am). Please
>think abut it as a general strategy how to handle parasites. What are
>better ways of improving our interactions?

Are you oblivious to the manipulative nature of your statements, or are you
hoping the audience won't notice? Frankly, if this crap is what David R.
mean by memetics leading us in the wrong direction I'm beginning to agree
with him.

>This list is a very good model of a society -- a perfect field to study.
>When I started the "lessons", I did not realize how much putting a mirror to
>one's face might hurt (I remember a legend where the only way to kill a
>monster was to show him how ugly he was in a mirror -- now I realize what a
>wise the legend was). I am sure there are many people on this list who are
>afraid to talk, as they may not be able to take the abuse. David R. took a
>lot of abuse so far, and I am glad he survived. I hope the lessons in
>Manipulation 101 will help us improve the way we all speak here.

Again, I'm not interested in you instruction. This whole sham-class is a
cheap stunt you are using to elevate yourself into a position of undeserved


Reed Konsler