RE: virus: Rationality

Richard Brodie (
Tue, 25 Feb 1997 04:04:09 -0800

Tad the Impaler wrote:

We have a choice of using our manipulative minds to exploit others or
uncover the truth about the world we live in. This is what this
"battle" is
all about.

I hope those aren't the only two choices. What if one wanted to use
one's manipulative mind to help others, create art, or uncover the
exploitations of others? As you know, I'm not a fan of "the pursuit of

A person who brainwashes this group with "the viral nature of
all ideas" and recognizing them as "dinky little viruses" is not a
His name is Richard Brodie.

I don't recall the context in which I made those quotes, if indeed I
did make them, but I'm quite clear about the difference between memes -
bits of mental programming that influence behavior and thus create
copies of themselves in other minds - and viruses of the mind -
cultural organisms that spread by programming human minds with memes
that aid the propagation of the virus.