virus: RE: prohuman

Richard Brodie (
Tue, 25 Feb 1997 23:00:23 -0800

David R wrote:

> I was thinking, when I wrote this (although I was in a giddy mood,
>that I will produce a product that will outcompete anything within the
>memetics-based paradigm. (Tad and I are working on such a product right
>This has to do with the fact that objective reality DOES exist and
>people ARE
>conscious of it.

This is a great memetics experiment. To paraphrase Darwin, if it were
shown that "true" ideas with poor memes spread more rapidly than "false"
ideas with good memes, it would cast GRAVE DOUBTS on my theory! However,
until there is an Objectivism column in the Sunday Seattle Times where
the astrology column is today, I won't be convinced.

> It's like 400 years ago when Galileo told people that the
>heliocentric (sun-centered universe) concept was more valid than the
>(Earth-centered universe) concept. The Catholic Church, Galileo's
>could only respond with violence. I originally contended that on the
>which is not controlled by violence (unlike other mediums), that
>rational ideas
>will win out over irrational ideas (as opposed to best memes win). This
>is a
>war! People challenged me about objectivism dominating cyberspace.
>Well, I'd
>like to find out if I'm right.

I think I understand your perspecitve, and agree that experimentation
could show which theory is more useful. I would be interested in your
sharing such an experiment with the list.