Re: virus: Rationality
Wed, 26 Feb 97 09:37:17 GMT

Corey wrote:

> Drakir wrote:
> >Corey A. Cook wrote:
> >> Is Rational thinking more or less efficient than Irrational thinking.
> >Depends what you mean by efficient. If you mean is rationality easier to
> >do than irrationality, then I would say it depends on who you are.
> >> Explain and give examples.
> >Why?
> Because I am lazy.

Me too. That's why I didn't.

> The "Explain and give examples" line is there to keep people
> from giving me one-liners and pass them off as wisdom.

It didn't really happen, though, did it?

> Unfortunatly,
> it doesn't seem to work on you.

Of course not, I'm at work, and my boss is watching, no time for
really long posts, and excessive thinking :)

> Asshole.