Re: virus: Manipulation 101, Lesson #15

Tim Rhodes (
Wed, 26 Feb 1997 09:45:34 -0800 (PST)

On Tue, 25 Feb 1997, Tadeusz Niwinski wrote:

> >Unfortunately, I get the impression that you may be a bricklayer by
> >trade. You seem more interested in building walls than tearing them down.
> Good comparison. I really think "building" is more important, but
> I don't mind tearing down walls. Arn't "the lessons" tearing down
> the egos?

Good point. I'm in favor of both, destruction and creation, when
properly balanced. That's why I don't mind switching sides if the balance
seems off (it's the Trickster in me).

> BTW, comrade Tim, I will send you a cheque for $50 if you find
> where I specifically called a person from this list a "parasite"
> (not that I think that there arn't any).

No, thank you. Although I could use the $50, I'd rather not look through
the archives for material for further fights (we'll have plenty of them in
the future without that help, I'm sure). I like the "Tad" that rolled out
of bed this morning, for whatever reason (even if he still is a bloody
Objectivist :) ).

> Wait a second -- and avid student of the "Manipulation 101 Course"
> may say -- who is manipulating here?
> I am. Well, I agree we should rather call it "influence" in *this* case.

Yes, why don't we call it that from here on out.

> But this is not a real war. Good. Those things can wait. I am
> going for a walk now. Life is beautiful.

Yes. Yes, it is.

Prof. Tim