Re: virus: Rationality

Dave Pape (
Wed, 26 Feb 1997 23:16:24 GMT

At 20:40 24/02/97 -0800, Prof Tim wrote:

>Although I risk starting the "definitions" game again I'd offer that:
> "Rational" (see David McF. for the use of quotation marks) is the
>term we give the behaviors that fit your model of "looking as though it
>could have been logically decided on".

Cool. Rolls over, accepts punches to stomach (see my post to Corey who slung
a similar definition at me). My post thus boils down to "brains aren't
logical, if they act 'rational'ly, then they're simulating, approximating,
logical processing in a parallel and non-logical computing environment to do
it." And Aristotle can just about pucker up and kiss my ring.

>Oh, by the way, are you taking your prenatal vitamins like the doctor told
>you to, Dave, honey? I worry so.

Oh! Well! Getting all paternal now, are you? Thought you'd lost interest in
my fecundity issues.

Well for your information, as it happens I've had my period now, 33 days,
man, I was shitting myself. Not that you seemed to care much. Huh. You're
all the same.

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