Re: virus: Rationality

Tony Hindle (
Wed, 26 Feb 1997 23:55:11 +0000

Reed wrote.
>If you percieve the "Truth" or "Reality" as a solid fortification defending
>you from everyone else you are a mental feudalist living in a mind-castle
>which is also a mind-prison.
I think "reality" is being gradually discovered by a long
process of (group) rationality.

>I don't know, this is just my opinion:
> I have held my tounge on occasions when people have refered to
>"skull-fucking" and such...but what kind of image is this to transmit?
>Must the sharing of ideas always be a memetic rape? Are we all so
>disconnected from our own humanity that we have forgotten the pleasure that
>a society of equals brings? Are we so scarred (scared)?
>We need to learn to communicate in non-violent terms. I am hardly a good
>example, but I insist that this is an imperative.
Surely Reed on this internet there is no violence, if your
opinion is that it would be a good thing to exterminate what you
conceive as "violent terms" you are proposing a form of
"eumetics" (from eugenics). I agree with you, but I will fight
"violence" with "violence" if neccessary.
Your long digression was moving and I agree with it.
If the human brain was sufficiently simple for us
to be able to understand it, we'd be too simple to
understand it.