Re: virus: Rationality
Thu, 27 Feb 97 11:10:52 GMT

Alex Williams wrote:

> > But surely for something to be reinterpreted, it must first be transmitted,#
> > so as a quantifiably evaluation can ocurr.
> If you set a fire in the woods and urinate against a tree, I can come
> along some hours or days after and reinterpret those signs to say how
> long its been since you've been there and whether you'd been eating
> well. Did you `transmit' that information?

Maybe not intentionally, but then, who said memes were intentionally
transmitted? I'd have to say that, yes you did transmit that information,
becuase simply by the fact that someone recieved it, you must have.

> No, not intentionally, no
> transmission has occured.

Not intentionally, no, but transmission has, IMO, occured.

> You made certain signs (or doody in the
> bushes), I came along and interpreted it.

But that's how transmission works. If I were to have a phone conversation
with you, I could say something, in English which you would then interpret,
becuase you can speak English. Does this mean that I havn't transmitted
anything to you?