Re: virus: Re: Manipulation Lesson 12

David Rosdeitcher (
27 Feb 97 10:03:01 EST

Tim wrote:

>David I'm interested to know what you think of the Surrealists? They
>elevated "non-sequitur", literally, to an Art.

>(No, I'm not being an ass, like I usually am. You also have a background
>in the arts and I'm, actually, truly interested in your opinion.)

Tim--I'm an artist but not in the traditional visual arts sense of the word,
(ie.painting or sculpture.) I've taken classes and studied on my own a bit of
art history, though. About the surrealists, I like Dali and deChirico. This
kind of elevating "non-sequitur" to an art produced some really creative work.
It's good to break up traditional patterns. I think there is a "traditional
pattern" in which logic is associated with repression and lack of creativity.
I'll address this issue in my next post, Manipulation 101 Lesson 18.