RE: virus: _Virus of the Mind_

Richard Brodie (
Thu, 27 Feb 1997 16:30:55 -0800

Eva-Lise wrote:

>I only finished it an hour ago, and I've already attempted infection of
>host in Australia.

Wonderful! I've just picked up an Australian distributor, so it should
be easier to get now.

>Now I understand Richard's and others' distinction between memes and
>viruses: A mind virus is a structure, made up of memes, whose design
>(intentional or evolutionary) causes it to self-replicate using minds

Yes! Actually, a mind virus can be made up of artifacts such as
scriptures, buildings, and so on that aren't strictly memes, as well as
the memes in the minds of the infected.

>So, Richard: What's your life purpose, anyway, if I may ask? Is it
>spreading memetics, or is that part of a larger goal, or even a

When you come to Seattle, call me and we'll indoctrinate you into the
club. Cognac and fine cigars are optional. =)
>Oh, and I also wondered why you'd not included _Metamagical Themas_
>(likely my favorite book) in the recommended reading, when you had
>included _Godel, Escher, Bach_, and MT deals explicitly with memetics
>while GEB doesn't.

GLARING oversight on my part! I'll put in into the Memetics Bookstore as
soon as I get a chance!
>I'm a little tired from reading something so self-referential (maybe I
>should have finished rereading GEB first, instead of nesting them). I
>should sleep more and improve my resistance. My friends, btw, find you
>entertaining and I will dose them tomorrow when I bring the book to

What do you play? I played five different instruments in the Harvard
Band. =)