RE: virus: Level 3

Richard Brodie (
Thu, 27 Feb 1997 16:47:39 -0800

Reed wrote:

>Are you on
>"Level 3" now? Do you stay there? Is "Level-behavior" context

In my experience, there is a "flip" that takes place and you don't go
>If Level 3 thinking is beyond "memes" of what is it composed...or does
>have no structure?

ALL thinking is beyond memes. You've read Consciouness Explained. Level
3 is a different mode of thought. Level 1 is irrational. Level 2 is
rational. Level 3 is beyond that.

>How do you know you aren't merely infected with a
>mind virus that has adapted to your discriminators so well that it
>your mental immune system...and is thus invisible?

I always go back to the question of am I living the life I want to live.
If the answer to that is "yes" I figure I'm in good shape.
>Can you describe a situation in which Level 3 thinking is required for

The head monk comes in with a sword, screaming, "if you move, I will
kill you! And if you don't move, I will also kill you!"

>or one it which there is an obvious and dramatic advantage...

Relationships with members of the opposite sex.

>or is this more of a philosophical issue?

>If you aren't interested in answering these questions I'll stop asking

Ask on, O seeker!