Re: virus: Rationality

Alexander Williams (
Thu, 27 Feb 1997 22:22:10 -0500

Richard Brodie wrote:
> It sounds to me like you've backed off your "memes cannot be
> transmitted" heresy and now are saying "memes can never be copied with
> 100% fidelity." I suspect you'll have less disagreement with your new
> stance.

I'm still saying that `memes cannot be transmitted,' Richard. The fact
that they cannot be transmitted, that it is merely `signs and portents'
that are interpreted by a seperate memesphere that can misunderstand,
have a different interpretation context or whatnot leads to the
representation even in a perfect protocol, which English itself is far
from, that leads to the resultant meme given rise by the interpretation
of the signs to be unlike the meme that was intended.

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