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Fri, 28 Feb 1997 02:19:29 -0400

At 12:22 AM 2/28/97 -0500, you wrote:
>> pardon my interuption, but I formed a very vivid image reading this, and
>> well, my "memes" "want" "me" "to tell" "you" "about it".
>Since I firmly believe that "you" are merely the emergent behavioural
>complex arising from the interaction of your memesphere with its
>environment, including the signs and portents of my last missive,
>there's no /you/ seperable from the /your memes/ for "them" as a
>seperate entity to "want" to do anything; the desire to do so is a
>memetic trigger in the evocation of behaviour in your memesphere. :)

Never trust a simple sentence, that's what I say.

>Better yet, both of them are trapped in said `unopened wombs' and are
>trying to make themselves understood to the other.

now, then--that's a bit gross, doncha think? ...wait ...different people
...have different associations ...and gross therefore not an
interplanetary constant ...or even something to be avoided... awyea!
watch how my brain appears ear/rational.

>That's actually not a bad image for it; thank you. If we were trapped
>in unopened wombs, we might, given time and experience, eventually
>develop a protocol whereby a certain rather gross movement /implied/
>that I'm thinking about opening a vacule for feeding and another
>scrunch of my membrane implies I'm looking to mate. You can only see
>it dimly, however, and I can't always move as carefully or as properly
>as I like, so misinterpretation is pretty rife. Still, the protocol
>can be refined.

The image I saw wasn't quite so organic, but since we are both in our own
little places, the fact we have been able to get this far in "objectively"
agreeing on a description of our environment has to say something

>At no time do we actually transfer protoplasm. You observe my signs
>and portents and interpret. I do likewise. Nothing is transmitted,
>there is just intent and implication.

I would agree with you more here, but I have seen too many people have
"heated conversations"--what my little sister calls two people who both
agree that abortion is just about the doorstep to hell and work each other
into a veritable tizzy doing it.

You are wrong, er... not Right.

and btw, my brain is /far/ too active right now--I've thought about adding
comments on how I chose what I commented on, on why I used so many '...'s,
on which methods detailed in Manip. 101 I have been using. If only I could
be like this all the time... sigh.... hope hope hope dreamy bliss...
sigh.... "I /just/ wish someone would come along and point out how I could
stay in this state of mind more often"... sigh

tom i haven't read the book yet holz

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