Re: virus: Rationality
Fri, 28 Feb 97 11:36:28 GMT

David McF wrote:

> At 04:47 PM 27/02/97 GMT, wrote:
> >> That wasn't what I was trying to convey. How can you bypass the effect
> >> of logic?
> >
> >You could be illogical.
> Like convincing yourself to believe in something despite lack of evidence
> of evidence to the contrary in order to satisfy some need (e.g. comfort) other
> than truth?

Right. You don't even have to believe in what you're doing, you could
just do it.

> Maybe *that* is what Richard means by Level-3.

Maybe. I sucessfully bypassed all and any posts that mentioned the levels
in any great detail. I don't know quite how, though.

> Yes, I can imagine
> some special situations where one would be better off by acting illogically,
> but (and this is a big but) as a general strategy, irrational thinking is
> a recipe for disaster.

I'd agree with that. For example, one is offered a new job, with an annual
salary of 1,000,000 pounds/dollars (whatever), so you throw yourself of Beachy
Head! (High cliff thingy in England, reputed for high suicide rate) Illogical.

> (At least my logic memes say so :)

Same here. Vicious circle?