Re: virus: Rationality

Alex Williams (
Fri, 28 Feb 1997 08:25:27 -0500 (EST)

> Never trust a simple sentence, that's what I say.

Too much research into Victorian Lit of late for myself, I see ...

> now, then--that's a bit gross, doncha think? ...wait ...different people
> ...have different associations ...and gross therefore not an
> interplanetary constant ...or even something to be avoided... awyea!
> watch how my brain appears ear/rational.

Or hyper-rational. Nothing wrong with sudden Epiphanies every day.

> The image I saw wasn't quite so organic, but since we are both in our own
> little places, the fact we have been able to get this far in "objectively"
> agreeing on a description of our environment has to say something
> good^H^H^H^H.

Nothing that thousands of years of hard work on the best ways to
scrunch and twist can't be blamed for.

> I would agree with you more here, but I have seen too many people have
> "heated conversations"--what my little sister calls two people who both
> agree that abortion is just about the doorstep to hell and work each other
> into a veritable tizzy doing it.
> You are wrong, er... not Right.

Disagreeing with someone to stave off argument; well, its novel, I'll
give you that.

> and btw, my brain is /far/ too active right now--I've thought about adding
> comments on how I chose what I commented on, on why I used so many '...'s,
> on which methods detailed in Manip. 101 I have been using. If only I could
> be like this all the time... sigh.... hope hope hope dreamy bliss...
> sigh.... "I /just/ wish someone would come along and point out how I could
> stay in this state of mind more often"... sigh

I suggest yohimbe bark, vitamin C and 250ug of LSD on a regular cycle;
works for me.