virus: Rationality

Reed Konsler (
Fri, 28 Feb 1997 11:56:08 -0500

>From: Richard Brodie <>

>By definition, any behavior that you know in advance will lead to
>disaster is irrational, no? The trick is to get out of the box that

Oh come on, Richard! If you want to give me a living wage with no
requirements I'll be happy to lose my "self-consistent context". Until
then, most of us have to live in Samsara. In this world if you say "today
I need to contemplate my conciousness" you get some wierd looks...believe
me, I've tried to relate this. We are defined by our commitments. You
can't just change who you are every second...people expect you to fullfill
your contracts. If you consistently fail to do so you get ejected from the
tribe. There ae no more frontiers, no more places to found a new colony.
Someone owns all the can't even subsist as a farmer anymore.

You are asking people to take a leap which will destroy their lives...on
the promise that there is something on the other side. I don't have the
savings, insurance, or saftey net to protect me when I crash...I doubt you
are going to pick up the pieces. You sound like a Boomer saying "just
invest in stocks and everything will turn out did for me..."

Invest what?


Reed Konsler