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I wish you the best with your studies. Science is often
counterintuitive. I suggest you read up on the philosophy of science.
Alfred North Whitehead or James B. Conant would be good starts. You
might also read my own book "Virus of the Mind," as it deals with
evolution. And another Dawkins book, "The Blind Watchmaker", deals with
debunking many Creationist ideas.

Science works by developing theories that explain the past and predict
the future successfully. No scientist disputes the usefulness of the
theory of evolution by natural selection. The process has been
demonstrated countless times in the world, in laboratories, and by
computer models. While Dawkins's selfish-gene theory does not in itself
explain the entire universe, I would say it is the farthest thing from a
"blind following." That term is better put to use describing religions,
the "paranormal," and mysticism.

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>Hello I read your review of Richard Dawkins "The Selfish Gene" I am
>doing a
>paper for my Foundation of the Liberal Arts class at Transylvania
>in Lexington, Ky, USA. In this paper I am disputing the validity of
>theories. Would you please answer the following questions for me??
>What is your educational background?
>Why do you believe Dawkins?
>Is this a blind following?
>Do you feel that Dawkins maniplulates his evidence?
>In some cases Dawkins finds what he calls "mistakes" and he passes them
>when in fact these mistakes are the norm instead of the oddity, what do
>feel about this?
>thank you