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Richard Brodie (
Fri, 28 Feb 1997 17:14:29 -0800

Reed wrote:

>Oh come on, Richard! If you want to give me a living wage with no
>requirements I'll be happy to lose my "self-consistent context". Until
>then, most of us have to live in Samsara. In this world if you say
>I need to contemplate my conciousness" you get some wierd
>me, I've tried to relate this. We are defined by our commitments. You
>can't just change who you are every second...people expect you to
>your contracts. If you consistently fail to do so you get ejected from
>tribe. There ae no more frontiers, no more places to found a new
>Someone owns all the can't even subsist as a farmer

I definitely sense that what you say seems real to you, and yet I myself
have broken out of that particular box. I wrote about it in "Getting
Past OK."

Perhaps you would be interested in an essay written 150 years ago by
Ralph Waldo Emerson on that topic, entitled "Self Reliance." I have in
fact recently completed editing and updating that essay. I'll post a
relevant section.
>You are asking people to take a leap which will destroy their
>the promise that there is something on the other side. I don't have
>savings, insurance, or saftey net to protect me when I crash...I doubt
>are going to pick up the pieces. You sound like a Boomer saying "just
>invest in stocks and everything will turn out did for me..."

The only thing that will be destroyed is your ego. And what a relief!
>Invest what?

Your life, baby, your life.

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