Re: virus: Rationality

David McFadzean (
Sat, 1 Mar 1997 00:45:32 -0700

> From: Alexander Williams <>
> Date: Friday, February 28, 1997 7:39 PM

> Then we got lucky. Either I'm amazingly good at communicating my meme,
> or you're amazingly good at interpreting my communication, or we just
> flat out got lucky. Or have developed an amazingly good protocol that
> reduce the probability of encoding/interpretation, I suppose.

Good. Now I'm willing to bet there is no /significant/ difference
between what you were trying to communicate in the above paragraph
and my understanding of it. Would you agree?

> > Remember we are talking about information here. Nothing has to move
> > in order to transmit it.
> But this isn't /just/ information in the pure-information sense; memes
> have `hooks,' for lack of a better word, environment, in which
> meme-transaction within the memesphere occur and are facilitated by.

I still don't see the difference, could you elaborate?

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