Re: virus: Rationality

Alex Williams (
Sun, 2 Mar 1997 17:03:37 -0500 (EST)

> By 'want to' (in step 1) I meant also to include subconscious desires,
> such as would influence body language etc. so we agree here.

I guess in this particular field of discussion I'm keen on
over-specification as a means of avoiding unintentional conflicts of
interpretation. The overall `want to' is hard to discern; its sort of
like saying a cloud `wants' to disperse when its the overall motion of
millions of Brownianly-inspired particles that give that impression.

> The 'physical medium' includes anything from a stream of photons through
> copper wire to telepathy (if such exists). No restrictions inherent,
> although I take your point re: the suggestion of it.

I hope its /electrons/ heading through a coper wire or I'm wondering
why you're cutting me off from the outside world, starting with
lasering my phone cords ... :)

> The three steps form exactly that separation. Step 2 is concerned with
> the media alone, the protocols are involved in the
> creation/deconstruction of the symbols at either end.

Your steps distinguish but the following dialogue/discussion did not,
so I felt it was useful to reiterate.

> >Its much like a learning NNet in continuous flux; creating a pattern
> >its rewarded for reinforces that pattern, which makes it more likely
> >to emerge and things /like/ it to emerge.
> Ultimately even supplanting the original version.

When its the version itself that is fluxing, that would seem to be the
ultimate result.

[Gee, when everyone agrees the discussion peters out rather quickly.