Re: virus: Rationality
Mon, 3 Mar 97 13:37:33 GMT

> > > Can you think about facts?
> >
> > Of course, but one cannot question their validity.
> Sure you can! Science would never progress unless people questioned
> `fact.'

I would say that something is not a fact if its validity can be questioned.
This would mean that most things in science are /not/ fact. I'd agree
with that - most of it's conjecture, hypothesis and modelling systems.

> Before atomic physics, wasn't it a fact that matter was
> solid, all the way through?

Nope, it was beleived, but it wasn't true, so it wasn't a fact.

> > > Are facts and fact judgements an integral
> > > part of your mental landscape?
> >
> > I don't know, to tell the truth :)
> Is that a fact?

Question it if you like.