Re: virus: Rationality

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Mon, 03 Mar 97 11:52:46 CT

Tim wrote:
>> Corey wrote:
>> I would like to further define logic as a form of rational thinking.
>> Any objections?
>Yes. If your going define "logic" as a function(in the mathematical
>sense of the word) of "rational thinking", I think Ill need to hear your
>thoughts on what "rational" is first.
I'm not defining "logic" as a /function/ of rational thinking. I'm defining it
as a /form/ of rational thinking. Sort of like a program that could be run on
a rational brain. As for rational, i think that that almost all thinking is
partionally rational, and partially irrational. If the brain were totally
thinking in logical patterns, the brain would be totally rational.
I guess. hmm.

I'll get back to you on this one.
Corey A. Cook