virus: Reed wins Virion of the Week

Reed Konsler (
Mon, 3 Mar 1997 13:57:18 -0500

>From: Richard Brodie <>
>Date: Sun, 2 Mar 1997 20:41:07 -0800

>Reed, who wins my award for most earnest participant on this list,

Well, gosh. I'd like to thank the academy, and my parents...(snif) I just
never expected...

>>One of these memes is "conciousness", the virtual machine that most
>>brains run. Are you saying is that this is a "virus of the mind" which is
>>infecting us? That conciousness itself is not necessary? I have
>>contemplated this, but not to any effect.
>"Consciousness" is a meme, a label we put to a phenomenon we recognize.
>But consciousness itself is an emergent phenomenon, not a meme, like a
>word processor is not a machine instruction.

>I've written an entire book on this topic. If you're interested, I
>suggest you read "Getting Past OK." I am sensitive to your financial
>situation and if you honestly would like to read it and cannot find it
>in your library I will send (only) you a free copy, given who you are on
>this list. Please send me your address privately. It's too complex a
>subject for me to address in email.

Oh, that was crap. I spend about a hundred dollars a month on books and
you know it. I actually did go by the Harvard Book Store (one of my
favorite hang-outs) looking for "Virus of the Mind" but they weren't
stocking it. I tell you what, the following are in the Hopper:

"Essential Buddhism", D.T. Suzuki.
"The Unconcious Civilization", J.R. Saul
"Amazing Grace", J. Kozol
"The Last Innocent White Man in America", J. Leonard
"Lessons from an Optical Illusion", E.M. Hundert

You're next. It was Emerson, if you are wondering, that spoke to me. It
was so good I might even bump you up...

>Ply me with fine cognac and fine cigars and I happily tell all I know.

You are a con-artist! ;-)


Reed Konsler