virus: Re: Is Objectivism a Meme? and Lesson #3

Wright, James 7929 (
Mon, 03 Mar 97 23:13:00 EST

Tadeusz Niwinski[] wrote:

>Lesson #3 The truth must be somewhere in between

>David not only has difficulty with Richard, but with the entire list!
>claims that rational thinking will prevail on the internet. So far he
>failed miserably.

David is earnestly arguing what he apparently believes to be the truth.
Having little
encouragement is the fate of most prophets, so I doubt he's surprised.
Has rational
thinking NOT prevailed on the internet? How shall that be judged, even on
CoV list?

>Three Principles (or Four Principles, or three axioms, or whatever, who
>cares...) lead to certain conclusions.
>On one side we have three axioms: (1) reality exists, (2) I am conscious
>it, (3) A is A. On the other side we have "meme-space flexing on the
>(with the recent
>"turning word" encouragement to put yourself in a very tough situation),
>"getting more out of life" with fine cognac and fine cigars, and MUCH,
>MORE to come in the TNT temple.

>Of course, the truth *must be* somewhere in the middle.

Must it? How can you define the "middle" of a daily-expanding meme-space?
What if we
haven't hit anywhere near the truth here, or even in our dreams?

Somewhere else someone encouraged me to stop asking silly questions.
There are no silly questions,
but I've heard some humdinger ANSWERS lately!
James Wright
"It is as if a lunatic were to laugh at a sane man."