RE: virus: Re: Is Objectivism A Meme? {LONG}

Robin Faichney (
Tue, 4 Mar 1997 11:22:00 -0000

>From: Wright, James 7929
>Actually, I've never even MET someone who has made the claim of being
>enlightened. I look forward to the day, as another experience I would

I think a fairly reliable guideline is: anyone who claims to be
is not. That's because, to view someone as enlightened is *your*
decision, not their's.

I claim, certainly not to be enlightened, but to be a Buddhist, though I
certainly don't always live up to your description of Buddhists here.
But I do agree with most of what you say, especially:

>David, your words above should be an embarrassment to you. Please read "The
>Three Pillars of Zen" by Philip Kapleau and learn more about Buddhism
>before you malign it further. I do not ask that you do any more than learn;
>if you choose not to understand, that is your affair, but please do not
>malign those you understand poorly at best.

Robin Faichney