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Tue, 04 Mar 97 20:34:00 EST

David Rosdeitcher[] wrote:
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>This technique of using an image to create a false impression or big
>picture in the mind of the host is also seen at CoV:

>One post began like this:

>>Tad, the impaler wrote:

Am I the only one here that took this as a joke? Not on Tad; sort of a
historical allusion to Vlad the Impaler, a genuine historical figure who
provided the legends that became Hollywood's "Dracula"?
Perhaps in a complimentary way, even: "Tad, the impaler of false memes,
I certainly took the alliterative "James Wright wrought...." as a trivial

>Here's a cut from another post that implies other people using this

>>Zen texts speak of a state of "enlightenment", although some refuse to
name it at all.

I can, if you wish, when I return home to my library cite as many
references as I have that either do so or do not. It might surprise you
to learn that there are literally THOUSANDS of Zen and Buddhist texts; a
brief list might include the ones I named previously, plus:
Hekiganroku ("The Blue Rock Record")
Mumon-Kan ("The Gateless Gate")
101 Zen Stories
An Introduction to Zen Buddhism
The Fire Sermon...... and The Eightfold Path. (Sermons by Buddha)

I wrote the sentence you listed last, not to create a big picture or
false impression in the minds of the readers, but to avoid having to
exhaustively catalog thousands of texts and mention whether or not each
one used the word "enlightenment" or did not. Your local library or an
Internet search should provide evidence you can evaluate independently to
judge whether or not I am being truthful.

Again, whether or not you choose to understand Zen or Buddhism is your
affair; I leave judgement of my honesty to the mailing list.

James Wright