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Tony Hindle (
Tue, 4 Mar 1997 19:31:07 +0000

In message <970303083007_76473.3041_BHT88-2@CompuServe.COM>, David
Rosdeitcher <> writes
>Eva wrote:
>>I don't know what David R. is going to say on behalf of Objectivism on
>>this question, but I felt like answering for my own view here. Grammar is
>>a collectively-agreed-on system
>Grammar is a great example of Objectivist principles. Grammar shows how a point
>of view is expressed objectively--as a person relative to their situation or

Ok I think this counts as (cyber?)grammar David. I read a
lot of your postings here which have the end of every line just out
of sight, dissapearing on the right hand side. I have tried to
alter my reader to avoid this but I have failed. I also worry that
my lines get sniped off at the end. For this posting I have
selected 70 charecters per line I hope this is ok (tell me if not,
I'll reduce it). Can you reduce your's? Sorry if you have been
asked a million times before.
Of course like all irritating things in life this problem
has brought many a smile to my face as I have incorectly
interpolated and come up with something amusing. But since I do
this even with all the words available I will not miss the missing
Tony Hindle.
The only thing I know for certain
is that I know nothing for certain....well, probably.