Re: virus: Re: Rationality
Wed, 5 Mar 97 13:44:46 GMT

Prof. Tim wrote:

> On Mon, 3 Mar 1997 wrote:
> > Prof. Tim wrote:
> >
> > > All the mechanisms you are /aware of/ are memes.
> >
> > I thought that one could be in possession of memes without being
> > necessarily aware of them. Would you agree?
> Oh, quite. But in order for you to become aware of any impulse, whether
> memetic in nature or otherwise, it needs to be translated into a language
> your operating system (consciousness) can understand, ie. memes.

Are you advocating, then, that every action that one undertakes is controled/
guided by a meme or meme-complex? Again, this leads us to the free will

> There's no contradiction in saying that everything that you are aware of
> is a meme and there are some memes you're not aware of. (Every car I own
> is a VW, but there are some VW's I don't own (thank god!))

Or maybe: "All Terrorists have a beard, but not all beards have a Terrorist." :)

> > So memes are justifications for actions, and not the reason for the action?
> > Hmmm ... I'm not sure I agree...
> Not justifications, as such.

I'm trying to work out whether you mean that the mind relies on the meme
to make a decision, or whether the mind blames the meme for the decision,
without using it in the first place.

> Just the protocol the non-conscious mind
> uses to inform the conscious (and, maybe, vise-versa). It's far to
> complicated for the non-conscious mind to say, "excessive heat was
> registered at body location 23.456.12 and as a result muscles numbers 937,
> 939, and 1123 thru 1147 were fired in sequence reference number 781 in an
> attempt to avert possible damage to regions 23.456.12 and surrounding,
> please note these changes in present location of region 23.456.12 and
> check for damage to region." Instead the non-conscious goes to the old
> lexicon of internal memes an picks "fire bad" and "move hand quickly" and
> shoots them up into the conscious mind.

Ahah, I think I see this. Memes are shortcut-keys, if you like. They are quick
references to more complex functions. Kind of like KMO's Buddist Temple Lion?
I'd never thought of meme's like that. That's quite a useful model, cheers.

> > > BTW have
> > > you read _The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bi-Cameral
> > > Mind_?
> >
> > I havn't. Any chance of a brief run down before I consider it?
> No, go to hell!!! :)

But I went last week, and daddy was busy torturing people ....