Re: virus: Re: Rationality

Alexander Williams (
Thu, 06 Mar 1997 15:09:04 -0500 wrote:
> If the mind is /not/ separate from the memetic structure, then aren't all
> thought processes just bits of memetic programming interacting? This
> makes you just like a computer, with it's OS. You may be able to
> put across the impression of being a fee-thinking free-acting machine,
> but in actuality, you're just a programme that's quite clever.

Precisely, just bits of memetic programming/memetic agents interacting.
Tell me, can you predict the exact results of, say, the Amazon river
basin, over the next thirty-thousand years? Its /just/ filled with a
large number of biological agents with a fairly limited number of
possible interactions. Can you predict what its content will be /5/
years from now? Interaction in the memetic millieu occur /extremely/

Can you predict what a Tierran environment will look like after
50,000,000 generation? Its just a very clever programme, after all ...
how about we throw in a `source of energy' that varies semi-randomly
with the amount of light seen through an open window. Care to guess

What I'm trying to convey, clumsily, is that `free will' is a misnomer;
there /is/ no `free will,' there is no `will' even. There /is/
interaction between your myriad memetic components, but its
unpredictible and, for all intents and purposes, has `free will' via
being too complex to predict.

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