Re: virus: Rationality

Dave Pape (
Thu, 6 Mar 1997 21:36:08 GMT

>From: Martz <>

>>No, actually, you haven't transmitted anything but some
>>pressure-patterns in the air via other means. Memes /themselves/ are
>>never transmitted. They travel via no medium, except in further
>>abstraction, one I'm loath to step to because it loses some necessary
>>detail for me. In the camping example, what you've transmitted are
>>some marks, some traces in the world which I then come along and
>>/interpret/, however fuzzily. That fuzziness is /key/ in
>>understanding why I say memes cannot be transmitted, they can only
>>make a mark on the world for another to interpret.
>Would you prefer looking at it as reproduction rather than transmisson?
>So the meme has reproduced, but its offspring may have mutated.

Cool! Reproduction with mutation. Just what you need for an evolutionary
system. My feelings precisely.

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