virus: Memes needed for our Baby

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Thu, 06 Mar 97 21:32:00 EST

Tony Hindle[] wrote:

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You ask a very difficult question. Your child will not have command of
language for around two years, minimum, and will not abandon or largely
retreat from magical thought until six or seven years , most likely.
I would suggest that as an infant your child needs love, physical touch,
physical care, exercise and medical attention from time to time. As it
grows, it needs honest answers to every question it asks, even when you
feel uncomfortable giving them. Of course, the answer need not exceed the
difficulty level of the question:
"why is the sky blue?" could be answered, "the blue light gets scattered
to color the sky. The other colors come right through , so only the blue
is left to color the sky." Energy levels and frequencies can be left to
the science teachers.
When the child is old enough to start understanding concepts of truth and
falseness, politics and religion, sociology and behavior, perhaps the
most useful meme is "Think for yourself after listening to many sources."
This is closely followed by, "Look it up (in the dictionary,
encyclopedia, Internet, etc.)" They will learn that there aren't always
answers, sometimes only opinions, and how to develop their own, if you
can get them to hold discussions with you.
Best of luck on the replication experiment; mine are 6 and 9 years
duration currently, and it never ceases to amaze me what they generate
James Wright