RE: virus: Is Objectivism a Meme?

Wright, James 7929 (
Thu, 06 Mar 97 21:34:00 EST

Robin Faichney[] wrote:

>They're both strange clubs! But Groucho's is paradoxical, while the
>other is not (or not in that sense, anyway). "Enlightenment" just
>happens to be the kind of attribute that can be applied to others, but
>not to oneself -- because if you think about yourself, you're not

Those who are enlightened exist, but are expected to do so without the
attribute of Self - or so I understand. It must be a constant irritation
to have people consider you enlightened, however, and to have to keep
remembering that attachment to enlightenment is still an attachment.

>Don't worry about that -- most Buddhists are quite experienced at
>sorting wheat from chaff. Especially those you meet on the net!

I might be sunflower seeds, or perhaps a type of weed - but not chaff.
Anything but chaff!
Thank you for writing!
James Wright