Re: virus: Rationality

Dave Pape (
Fri, 7 Mar 1997 18:59:38 GMT

At 18:24 06/03/97 -0700, David McFadz wrote:
>At 09:36 PM 06/03/97 GMT, Dave Pape wrote:
>>Cool! Reproduction with mutation. Just what you need for an evolutionary
>>system. My feelings precisely.
>If we could find a word that means "reproduction with mutation" I'd be
>happy to use it instead of "transmission" with reference to memes. (Even
>if it is just to make Alexander happy :)

Mutoduction? Reprofuckeduption? I dunno, considering it's such a key
process, it kind of NEEDs a word... anyone have any underused phonemes they
want to propose as candidates?

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