Re: virus: Re: Rationality

Alexander Williams (
Fri, 07 Mar 1997 14:22:44 -0500 wrote:
> But surely free will allows one to do exactly what one wants. Irrespective
> of memes. If I were to exercise my internal free-will, I could get up
> from my desk, and rampage round the office wielding my telephone at
> people in a threatening manor. Is that a meme? I'm not going to
> do it for the simple fact that I'll get sacked if I do. Is that a
> meme? But I could do it, if external circumstances didn't prevent it.
> What the current piture I have in my head though, WRT to the human OS,
> is that I could never do that unless there were a "telephone rampage"
> meme in my memesphere.

How can you `want' to do something without memes? If your `wants' are
just emergent drives from your memesphere, then surely its not a
seperate epiphenomenon.

You just expressed the idea of running around, beating people with a
telephone. By the definition we've been throwing around loosely, that's
clearly a meme and one the componants of were probably kicking around in
your memesphere before then. Your memes don't necessarily act on each
other in an entirely one:one basis; clearly some, like `illegal acts
will likely get me punished' operate as supressors of entire classes of
memes from thresholding on actual behaviour.

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