Re: virus: Re: Rationality

Tim Rhodes (
Fri, 7 Mar 1997 14:50:36 -0800 (PST)

On Fri, 7 Mar 1997 wrote:

> Prof. Tim wrote:
> > I see memes as
> > tools /used/ in the decission making process.
> Now this particular bit is totally acceptable to me, and I agree.
> It's the distinction between /use/ and /control/ that I'm
> not utterly convinced by. Do you think it possible to bypass
> all and any memes, and make a decision without their input?

Without /any/ memetic input? Hmmm, sounds like making a painting without
paint or the sound of one hand clapping.

> > When I produce a work of art, the media I use, the palette of colors I
> > pick, the surface I work on, even the music I listen to, all play a role
> > in the resulting artwork.
> You're an artist? Full time or hobby? Just interested :)

Full time until the bills pile up and then its back to work for a few
years until I can make the leap again (I'm in a "back to work" phase at
the moment, unfortunately).

> > But they IN NO WAY determine the outcome! I
> > see memes as types of paint. Some complement each other, some don't and
> > there may be many I don't have access to.
> I see. In the same analogy, can you mix and match these memes to
> produce different shades?

You bet. That's how new memes are created.

> > Oh no, now I'll feel really thick when I miss something :(

I expected someone to go for the "but if we know ALL your inputs, which
paints, which music, which styles you've been exposed to, what was on the
radio when you woke up this morning, etc., etc., we could predict what you
would paint" argument. But I think that is covered in the Amazon Basin
point Alex has made.

Prof. Tim