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Fri, 7 Mar 1997 23:37:07 -0800

Here are a couple of items I thought you all might find interesting.

( This is a program and a book called panacea. I heard about it in an =
interview John C. Dvorak did with the developer on his [JCD's] radio =
program. I haven't tried it (it's expensive and I'm a poor law student). =
But it does sound intriguing.

( This is a book (text, hypertext, and hard copy) called World's =
Scripture which is a scholarly work that analyzes similarities in the =
teachings of the different world religions. =

(r) This is a new book that I just bought today. I had it placed on hold =
after reading the review in The Economist Review.=20

( This is a book which I read for the chapter on how to define a cult. =
All memeticists should have a good working knowledge of when something =
is a cult and when it is not.=20

P.S.: One need not accept the author's premise that AA is bad because it =
invokes God. I don't. But here is a description of the book from someone =
who does.

ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS: CULT OR CURE? By Charles Bufe. "An insider's guide =
to the more insidious side of the popular [self-help] group. Includes an =
alternative secular version of the [12 steps] and ideas for [recovery] =
without compromising your principles." Published by SEE SHARP PRESS, =
ISBN# 0-9613289-3-2, Retail $9.95.

( A couple of other books on the crossover between religion and =
psychology are The Road Less Traveled and The People of the Lie, both by =
M. Scott Peck, M.D. Interestingly Dr. Peck argues that AA is the =
greatest achievement of the 20th century. He sees it as a template (my =
word) for teaching spiritual growth which theologically based religions =
could learn from.=20

( Here is a page that I thought interesting. It is called the spiritual =
growth home page. Please remember that if a memetecist regards =
consciousness as the highest virtue and some modern students of religion =
do as well, then there may be some overlap.=20

Before I overstay my welcome and run out of little circled number =
bullets, let me say this: in studying the memes and viruses of religion, =
forming a template of religion could be valuable. What are the =
ingredients necessary for a workable religion? What will make it a cult? =
How can one look at its ingredients as components (possibly to be mixed =
and matched)?