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Dave Pape (
Sat, 8 Mar 1997 09:44:16 GMT

At 10:33 07/03/97 -0700, David McFadz wrote:
>At 10:02 PM 06/03/97 -0500, Alexander Williams wrote:

>Do we want to make 'free will' an attribute only of memetic environments?
>i.e. can anything else have free will? A more serious problem is we can't
>know the future state of anything precisely, so this definition isn't too

Which is pretty much why I want people to stop using the word. As far as I'm
concerned, free will is an illusion, and is not useful as a term, so we
shouldn't really worry about keeping it in usage very much.

>How about definining 'free will' in terms of control and/or influence
>rather than predictability?

I wouldn't want to... how would you do that?

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