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David McFadzean (
Sun, 09 Mar 1997 14:43:38 -0700

At 03:35 PM 07/03/97 GMT, wrote:

>> Being exposed (hearing, reading, etc.) to the name activates the meme
>> to some extent
>So the meme has inbuild key words?

Yes, to the extent that part of the meme pattern includes word patterns.

>> Symetrically, the meme causes the name to activated. Seeing a cat (or a photo
>> or a drawing) causes the word "cat" to arise in my consciousness.
>Hang on, though. Earlier you said that the meme was a far more complex
>set of instructions, not just a short-cut key. Therefore, it's not
>the meme that is doing the recognising in this above example. It must
>be one of the "front-ends" if you like.

The pattern-recognizers are also part of the meme. So we've identified at
least 3 parts to the meme: the pattern-recognizer(s) that activate the meme,
the associations that more or less define the meme, and the behaviour-
generator(s) that influence the outside world (causing it to be reproduced
among other things).

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