Re: virus: Re: Rationality
Mon, 10 Mar 97 14:36:29 GMT

Dave Pape wrote:

> At 15:16 07/03/97 GMT, Drakir wrote:
> >But surely free will allows one to do exactly what one wants. Irrespective
> >of memes.
> Why do you "want" to do what you "want"?

Surely some of it is animal instinct. The rest .... hmmm .... I dunno. I
think we're going to say because we have a meme that tells us, aren't we :)

> >If I were to exercise my internal free-will, I could get up
> >from my desk, and rampage round the office wielding my telephone at
> >people in a threatening manor. Is that a meme?
> I reckon it certainly has a memetic basis. And... you /could/ do that. Just
> entertaining the idea is kind of like wanting to do it a bit.

Believe me .... I'd love to do it.

> Because the
> meme is being allowed to be active in your mind. But if you did do it, it
> wouldn't (in my eyes) be you exercising your freewill... it would be that
> meme succeeding in a contest for temporary control of your actions.

I see.

> >I'm not going to
> >do it for the simple fact that I'll get sacked if I do. Is that a
> >meme?
> Again, it has a memetic basis, and, as a well-programmed ("civilised") young
> hominid, this threat-of-sacking meme usually outcompetes "go on a rampage"
> memes in office-workers' heads.

I guess I'd agree with that. Question is: Is the sacking meme a true meme?
Only one way to find out .... now where's the fucking telephone ....

> This "interacting memes" thing... have you read any papers about associative
> models of brain function?

I haven't, actually, no.

> If you live in UK and want to read some, I could
> snail-mail you some.

Are you sure you don't mind? If not, send away. My address is:

3 Landen Park,


> Phonecalls: 0118 9583727 Phights: 20 Armadale Court
> Westcote Road
> Reading RG30 2DF

So do you like the new place?