Re: virus: Re: Rationality

Kirt A. Dankmyer -- aka Loki (
Mon, 10 Mar 1997 11:29:28 -0500

>> Top! I've got my dad's copy of "G.E.B." to read... would you say
>> Themas is worth reading first? I certainly agree with the above, it's a
>> don't-have-to-mention-memes anti-freewill argument that I never put into
>> words that neatly. Hope you got lots of nice gifts on your birthday.
>I'd say read GEB first, as it was written first. I prefer MT, but I think
>it has more to do with one's personal tendencies than quality. Thanks for

Well, yes, but doesn't everything? While GEB has a nice, coherent thesis
behind it, and one can view MT as just a collection of essays, I'd say read
MT first -- it'll expose you to a wide variety of memes in a short time,
tho certain themes are repeated. Not to mention MT has the rules to Nomic,
which is always a bonus.

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