Re: virus: Re: Rationality

Kirt A. Dankmyer -- aka Loki (
Mon, 10 Mar 1997 11:41:36 -0500

>The interesting thing is, that I invented the <rampage> meme. As far as I
>can tell, it was not propogated to me in any way, it was just something that
>my memesphere threw up, when an example was called for. Perhaps this is
>free-will: The ability to tailor make your own memes.

Which leads me to a question that my liberal arts education (meme-complex?)
prompts me to ask: What about creativity? Is it really just an
unpredicatable synergy of memes, or is there some additional 'spark' involved?

While any creative person will tell you that their ideas were influenced by
everything they've read, they're not likely to tell you they were entirely
determined by them. It could be a delusional <I'm creative> meme at work,
and creativity could be just a symptom of a chaotic system, but people seem
to have this experience whenever they create, regardless of any exposure
they've had to a 'artistic' meme.

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