Re: virus: Re: Rationality

Alexander Williams (
Mon, 10 Mar 1997 15:50:52 -0500

Robin Faichney wrote:
> Only this morning, driving to work, I flashed on just what a powerful
> meme-complex racism is. But..

Incredibly powerful, incredibly /useful/ if you're attempting to create
a `sealed off' memetic complex, but I digress ...

> Surely, only if you think, not "I'm conscious", but "only I am
> conscious." On the face of it, equating thinking "I'm conscious"
> with racism is ridiculous, and on giving it some thought, it looks
> even more so. This meme is dead in the water!

Not even. It doesn't require the removal of belief of consciousness in
others to be destructive; to believe that there is an 'I', to move
forward with the belief that "consciousness" is present and that you're
behaving rationally, in the sense of 'from a cohesive center' can lead
you to a serious overestimation of your own coherency.

> Because you care what I think?

Well, I care if your memesphere shares a fair number of memes related to
this subject with mine.

> Isn't "conscious" in fact a highly useful short way of saying
> "I believe this thing is likely to behave as if it experienced
> pleasure and pain, and so I'll treat it differently than I would a
> block of wood"? Don't you think an anti-"consciousness" meme
> would inhibit the making of that distinction, and thus be
> impractical?

Not necessarily; making the distinction can be blinding to the fact that
the behaviour you're seeing is the result of competing memetic
thresholds and you'll miss understanding parts of it.

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