Re: virus: Re: The Fall of Buddhism

Tim Rhodes (
Tue, 11 Mar 1997 09:26:22 -0800 (PST)

On 10 Mar 1997, David Rosdeitcher wrote:

> A closed system of thinking takes perceptions or ideas, and while
> ignoring the context, constructs a whole world view based on those
> perceptions or ideas. This world view can be distorted to fit a
> preconceived notion, or to rationalize any action (such as supporting a
> dictator). These ideas are accepted as dogmatically true and a decision
> is made to not question these ideas--not seeking better understanding by
> looking behind surface appearances.

Gee, I wonder what an example of "closed system" thinking might look like?
Let's see, "ideas are dogmatically true and a decision is made not to
question these ideas". Well, I'm curious what that might be like... Oh,
my, what's this! An example from David's own post! As follows:

> Like the law of
> identity, consciousness is an inescapable axiom that exists whether or
> not you agree with it.

Well, that was easy. Or have I misquoted you, David? Please rationalize
these two statements for me.

David, Objectivism (your version, at least) is a closed system. You ask
us to trade one closed system for another. To what end?

-Prof. Tim