Re: virus: Alternative Thought Patterns

Lior Golgher (
Tue, 11 Mar 1997 20:16:53 -0800

Corey A. Cook cought saying:
>Wide awake after 40 hours,

To which David responded:
Sleep depravation will certainly put you into an "alternative thought
process". It is useful for causing visions and revelations, but I'm
not sure the insights gained are valid (sort of like hallucinogenics).

Lights, visions, revealations, and other sensory outbreaks are common
among those who lack frequent sensory input, e.g. prisoners.
Lack of sleep causes exhaustion, lack of REM sleep causes serious
problems to associative thinking. Let one sleep for no more than 4-5
hours for a long period and you could make him die for his country, or
any other dumb goal.