virus: Alternate Thought Patterns

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Tue, 11 Mar 97 12:40:34 CT

Continuing on the idea that Alternate Thought Patterns might exist and
that it might be worthwhile to study them, I have a phenomenon which
could be studied. Many Olympic-class athletes have stated that their
best performance occurres when they shape their mind into a "Zone". Not
being an Olympic-class athlete (or any kind of athlete), I cannot report
on this "Zone" or it's characteristics. However, I might have a related
phenomenon to report on. Like many in my generation, I grew up with video
and arcade games. Many of these games are literaly impossible for someone
to succeed at without experience. Even then, the verbal mind must be
partially shut down in order to increase the success rate. I would like to
venture that this is an alternate thought process (one in which memes are
used in a different fashion than everyday life) and that other ATP's exist
in other branches of thought. Other examples are welcome, if you wish.

Corey A. Cook

* Try not to think about it. *