Re: virus: Re: The Fall of Buddhism

D. H. Rosdeitcher (
11 Mar 97 17:11:59 EST

Tim wrote:
>Gee, I wonder what an example of "closed system" thinking might look like?
>Let's see, "ideas are dogmatically true and a decision is made not to
>question these ideas". Well, I'm curious what that might be like... Oh,
>my, what's this! An example from David's own post! As follows:

I wrote:

>> Like the law of
>> identity, consciousness is an inescapable axiom that exists whether or
>> not you agree with it.

Tim wrote:

>David, Objectivism (your version, at least) is a closed system. You ask
>us to trade one closed system for another. To what end?

Hey, Tim--Accepting those axioms does not lead to a closed system. In fact, if
you can show me a case where those axioms don't apply, I'll openly admit it and
then I'll give you 500 dollars. That would be 1000 dollars for you if you
include the money that Tad offered you for showing an instance where he called
people on this list 'parasites'. -David